Bubble magus NAC 3.5

Installed Bubble magus NAC 3.5 in sump when I took out the tunze to clean


After 8 days it produced this much skimmate

Looks like a pretty successful skim to me, cup cleaned and back in place, lets see how it goes,

Coral fight

The Alveopora and scolly decided to fight !

2013-08-19 14.59.45

2013-08-19 14.59.52

I think the scolly won when I decided to step in and move them apart as the alveopora lost a few polyps :/

Tank Update

Been a while since I updated so as I was adding something new today (Maxima Clam) I thought why not. Tank seems happy and most corals sps/lps/softies are showing growth.


Some sort of short goniapora

Tiny lil frag hanging in there and perhaps growing slightly, its side kick sadly didn’t make it

Tri-colour growing and basing out nicely (colour is better than the image)

Zoas and Sponge because i like them 🙂

Maxima Clam Added today

FTS With Clam in situ